Book Review :: Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

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Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion is book having 400+ Java/J2EE Interview questions with clear and concise answers for: job seekers (junior/senior developers, architects, team/technical leads), promotion seekers, pro-activelearners and interviewers. Free download Lulu top 100 best seller. Increase your earning potential by learning, applying and succeeding. Learn the fundamentals relating to Java/J2EE in an easy to understand questions and answers approach. Covers 400+ popular interview Q&A with lots of diagrams, examples, code snippets, cross referencing and comparisons. This is not only an interview guide but also a quick reference guide, a refresher material and a roadmap covering a wide range of Java/J2EE related topics.

In a glance

  • In its own ethics this is a very unique book.
  • Though there are tons of internet sites listing the j2ee interview questions, the author of this book has taken great effort and care to list the questions and answers.
  • The book leaves no topics un-turned. Gives very clear and short explanations for every topic and questions and goes through in-detail if needed.
  • The answers were followed by neat images if necessary, which many other site/book doesn’t.
  • This book will certainly help both the interview host and attendee.
  • I liked the chapters related to Design patterns, WebSerivces and Testing, which you may not find other books/sites.
  • Very well organized for quick interview preparation as well.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each piece of j2ee are discussed.
  • Section 3 of this book “how would you go about…” is very well written and each question were the real ones that you will come across in technical interview.
  • Reading this book will sure give you confidence for answering the questions that were not covered in this book for brevity reasons.
  • A best bet for preparing j2ee technical interview and its worth buying.

I have upload this book to my ftp … you can download it from here.
or direct link is

Get knowledge and spread …

Have a nice day

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One thought on “Book Review :: Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

    Hamza said:
    August 14, 2010 at 13:23

    Excellent book, thanks for uploading 🙂

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