Month: January 2011

Nothing to say;

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January 31, 2k11;
Monday, 01:20;

Noting to talk about; Whole day was static; Didn’t go out; Didn’t do anything; A dull day;
Well whole week going to start; hope for good time;

Good night;

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I love the way you care; !!!

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January 30, 2k11
Sunday 01:12PST;

Its a mid night; such a busy and tiring day; Had some hard activities after a long time and now body is asking me for a long rest; it asking for time and care to get back refreshed; But it also know my nature; I hate sleep; I don’t like to sleep; In short i’m not going to care it in that way;

Caring!!!! Whats that han;? Nothing; Just a kind of useless feelings for someone dear to you; You care someone alot but you know what the reality is; people start getting annoy with your caring attitude; A day comes when your care and sensitivity for someone’s problems become blame for you; There isn’t ANY reward for anything you do; Though these things never demand a payback but don’t you even deserve atleast a single world of acknowledgment, a two line text just showing gratitude about how you do, or just a small line to you saying “you really so caring to me”;

You feel someone really close to you; When i say close i really mean that; You bring comfort to him/her with any possible mean you may have; But all go in vain; The expectation of anything is just like bringing a hell false hope in your life;

Don’t be so much caring for anyone; In returns you just NOTHING; At time others don’t even bother to keep you in thread; Your so called considerable caring nature or attitude is actually a headache for others, and you still in hold to listen “I Love the way you care, you are indeed so caring to me;” You really wish to hear some good words; You really want someone to say any single word for you; Not in hurry or running somewhere else, but with pure heart, giving you full attention and time; But you always on hold;

Pity on you; How fool you are;

Good night;  May you have better tomorrow;

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Keep Smiling;

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January 28, 2k11;
Friday, 02:38PST

Listening a whistle sound in thick silence of cold night; Though it isn’t much cold but i’m feeling little extra; Whistle sound tears the inertia of atmosphere, letting the people feel that someone protecting them from any unwilling happening;

But can we really trust on our thinking;? Is that whistle for alarming those evil dark shadows or its a green signal to them for everything ok;  Who know who is under how many wrappers;

Its time to close the day; Thinking how and when to wrap myself in which wrapper, to make the next day as a normal one; When nothing is real around or with you, good to have some wrappers; Nothing is real; People just use you for their needs; No one cares for no one’s;

Keep Smiling;
Good Night;

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Google Task Bug;

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can anyone reproduce this issue in pop-out view of Task in your Gmail inbox; ? I’m getting this repeatedly;

Some uncompleted tasks are strikethrough and some completed tasks are in normal text; See last five entries;

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Life is beautiful; !

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January 27, 2k11;
It Thursday’s night;

He tried his level best till last possible moment to regain point percent of what he has lost many months back; Yes till last span of clock tick; He had a firm hope of having some good, life saving words in end; Hope raised as time was passed but when it has passed ultimately, he came to know that he has left with nothingness, losing faith over care love and respect; He was brutally hurt; Lost his hopes;

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How to show URL in UIWebView in iPhone/iPad/iPod :: N-FAQ

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Below is a small code to display contents over UIWebView

Assuming that you have declared a UIWebView in your header file; In my case it is detailWebView.

NSString* str = @””;

NSURL* url = [NSURL URLWithString:str];

[self.detailWebView loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]];

Thats it; Keeping user interaction and multi-touch options checked in xib file will allow user to play with web page;

stay blessed;

share every bit of new thing you learn;

This post belongs to N-FAQ category where i post anything i learn new during my work; N-FAQ is basically Not-FAQ;

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Sach a sad day;

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January 25, 2011,
01:16 PST

Tuesday has started;
I want to do something but really can’t do anything; I came very late from office and after an hour i was again online; There was really nothing to do, or might be i don’t want to do anything; There are many pending tasks at home need my attention but there is no charm now to get done with them; I tried to write something good but nothing happen to mind;

My bookshelf is full of dust; My books has covered with thin layer of dust and some webs in corners of shelf; Im wearing a jeans from last one month; Though i wear suits too but when i’m out of my 2-piece suit im in that jean; This season i hadn’t my winter shopping; No such will to have some new dress jacket sweaters etc; I love winters but this winters just brought noting to me;

The day was busy, a routine day; Though i laughed with my team mates, we played cricket, we had tea together, we discussed many things about how we can improve our small office; Everything was perfect, ya seems perfect; But it was sad; It was really sad;

My two friends were really disturbed last day; I try to console them but soon i felt im not as much good as they were when i was at their place; They really made me smile at that moment; And i wasn’t able to bring it over their faces; Im a loser, loser in every relation;

Why sometimes life become so meaningless; Even we know there are many people who really love us, really need our attention care time but we are unable to give them what they deserve; We want to give but we feel our feelings dead;

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