Love My Android Device;

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8 months back i switched to android based handset; As a daily user of Google’s products like Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Google reader GTalk, Picasa and etc, most of my work is directly and indirectly linked to Google; My Android phone helped me alot doing my various tasks, keeps me updated and sync with my address book, my calendar and my email;

My Android handset,  HTC Magic (MyTouch 3G)

I prefer centralized approach; Like all your data should be accessible via one common place; Most of the time it happen that there are some contact at your email account and some are present in contacts list of your cell phone; You are using calendar provided by your email server but you also use ToDo list at your handset or a calendar placed at your desk and/or hanging at wall; What if you lost your handset? A major part of your important contacts and other data may get lost incase you haven’t a recent backup;

My Android device get free from all such tensions, and let me experience my “centralized approach” theory; But how it make this happen, i’ll tell you next time; I will talk about some application from Android market that i for my work;

Be Googler; 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Love My Android Device;

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