Sach a sad day;

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January 25, 2011,
01:16 PST

Tuesday has started;
I want to do something but really can’t do anything; I came very late from office and after an hour i was again online; There was really nothing to do, or might be i don’t want to do anything; There are many pending tasks at home need my attention but there is no charm now to get done with them; I tried to write something good but nothing happen to mind;

My bookshelf is full of dust; My books has covered with thin layer of dust and some webs in corners of shelf; Im wearing a jeans from last one month; Though i wear suits too but when i’m out of my 2-piece suit im in that jean; This season i hadn’t my winter shopping; No such will to have some new dress jacket sweaters etc; I love winters but this winters just brought noting to me;

The day was busy, a routine day; Though i laughed with my team mates, we played cricket, we had tea together, we discussed many things about how we can improve our small office; Everything was perfect, ya seems perfect; But it was sad; It was really sad;

My two friends were really disturbed last day; I try to console them but soon i felt im not as much good as they were when i was at their place; They really made me smile at that moment; And i wasn’t able to bring it over their faces; Im a loser, loser in every relation;

Why sometimes life become so meaningless; Even we know there are many people who really love us, really need our attention care time but we are unable to give them what they deserve; We want to give but we feel our feelings dead;

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One thought on “Sach a sad day;

    muzzammil said:
    January 25, 2011 at 10:38

    one can be sad at times but what the hell is this ” Im a loser, loser in every relation” :@ …Dost still more than half the life to go InshALLAH and you have tagged your self as loser 😦 .Remember ALLAH more,be realistic and plan accordingly.InshALLAH sab behtar ho ga..

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