My blog was blocked; !!!

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A day before yesterday there was a shocked for me when i opened control panel of my blog and found an error message;

click to enlarge;

With jaw dropped state i quickly report to wordpress help center  with type of contents I post on my blog;

I thought might be some of my previous post has contradicted with term of services of wordpress;

Surprisingly, I found a quick reply in my inbox, from wordpress team having following words;

click to enlarge;

So say welcome back to your favorite web corner; I suppose its favorite!!

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2 thoughts on “My blog was blocked; !!!

    zainab said:
    May 25, 2011 at 09:54

    koi nhe barah logn k sath choti choti batein hoti rahtii hain:p

    […] time my wordpress account was also disabled by it was recovered within an hour; This time I haven’t any good hope from […]

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