Month: September 2011

Your Wise Move Matters;

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Life has so many aspects, different faces, problems, happiness; Our five senses let us experience the world; We are bound in so many relations; Many people are link to us, with their trust and conflicts; Sometimes a very small act of kindness make someone so trustworthy, and little misunderstanding creates too many gaps; Read the rest of this entry »


Islamic Art :: Book Review

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A distinguish importance has been attributed with this book that really differentiate it with rest of its peers on the shelfs; This book is a gift from LAFZ media for my first article in their online magazine; Considering my keen interest in muslim history, especially in Mugal architecture, the editor of LAFZ, Mr. Yasser Chaudhary chose this book for me and let me say honestly, it really really content my thrust in various ways;  I’m really grateful to LAFZ media; Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Observe? Well I do; (:

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Having own conveyance is indeed a blessing of THE Almighty, but if you don’t have, still you can make your travel an activity of enjoyment by doing what mostly I do .i.e. reading and observing people’s faces and behaviors; And believe me, this is really an amazing activity;

Sometimes (for any reason) I don’t have my car or bike with me; In such cases I prefer to walk or have a local van or bus service; Observing faces, talks and gestures of people is really really a source of amusement (atleast for me) while you are travelling; I’m not saying to interfere or get indulge in their activities; No, just sit calm and relax and observer what is happening around you, imagine what people are might be thinking in their mind; 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »