Do You Observe? Well I do; (:

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Having own conveyance is indeed a blessing of THE Almighty, but if you don’t have, still you can make your travel an activity of enjoyment by doing what mostly I do .i.e. reading and observing people’s faces and behaviors; And believe me, this is really an amazing activity;

Sometimes (for any reason) I don’t have my car or bike with me; In such cases I prefer to walk or have a local van or bus service; Observing faces, talks and gestures of people is really really a source of amusement (atleast for me) while you are travelling; I’m not saying to interfere or get indulge in their activities; No, just sit calm and relax and observer what is happening around you, imagine what people are might be thinking in their mind; 🙂

Here are my few observations when I was in a local van and then Daeweoo bus service few day back; My travel was for nearly 12 to 14 Km; See what was happening around me at that time; 🙂

  • A guy in from of me read a text message on his cell phone, having a specific smile on face; Having same facial expression he replied; You know better who could b a sender; Aham ahheemm; 🙂 🙂
  • A mid age lady handed a rough 10 rupee note to conductor; After a long debate, auntie won and he has to accept it; Now whenever they look at each other, their facial expressions are worth to notice; 😀
  • Driver turned wagon in small street, to have a short-cut and to avoid rush on main road, but we are badly stucked in that street; Now all passengers are enjoying the selection of words by two old women, while commenting on driver’s intellectual decision; 😀
  • The driver of Daewoo set his rear-view mirror on one of the female passenger (a very common observation by many of us) I’m just loving his smile under his mustache when he looks up in mirror with the internal of 2,3 minuets; If he try to give the same smile to his wife at home, her wife will surely love him 2, 3 times; I can bet; :p
  • Driver of a wagon is insisting on playing a Qawali with full music having melodies from every instrument, by saying, “This is not a songs, this is a Qawali, we’ll have Sawab.” A hoary old fellow with a face of white beard  on-spot declared his punishment in hell in loud and thundered tone; Well I liked his on-spot fatwa within a few seconds; 🙂
  • While the wagon is full and conductor is still crying outside, “Please come come seats are available seats are vacant” The passengers inside replying him in an angry tones,
    “Have you 4 seater sofa at backside of your van? Where the hell you will accomodate new passenges?”
    “Will you put new passengers on our heads??? damnn”
    “Is there a tv lounge inside your van?”
    “O brother, have some seats on roof of this vehicle?”

    It’s enough, we are getting off, return us our fare; ….. No on we are going, its enough… ”
  • Conductor puts some male passenger at front seat of wagon and the female ones at backside start protesting why those seats were not allocated to them; (This is really an unjust and stupid act by conductors and drivers when allow male passengers to have seat at front)
Well there are many like those; Most of the time they remain unshared and I forgot them after few days; These were recent ones so I thought should share with you;
Try this by your own; It will surly help you to pass your tiring journey in light way;
Keep smiling;

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3 thoughts on “Do You Observe? Well I do; (:

    zainab Azhar said:
    September 5, 2011 at 15:37

    didn’t find interesting in reading…

    Hussain said:
    September 12, 2011 at 16:36

    hmmm .. nice observation ..
    but you can have lot more in 5 number Mazda :P.. :”)

      Ans responded:
      September 12, 2011 at 17:59

      let have a small journey on 5 number mazda together; 🙂

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