Be humble, Always;

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A one and only single way to live up your soul or your inner is to be humble; Not only in front of Allah Almighty, but with everyone around you; Either they are elder to you, your peers, juniors or those who are some how low in social status as compare to you; Let them realize that you are here with them; Make your presence as a helping hand, a kind shelter, or atleast a good listener who can listen to them when no one is there to share with;

Use soft tone while talking to others; Give respect to everyone; Think for others more then you; Might be you have to face some kind of loss but just let it go; Your timely or long last loss will be adjusted with the Allah Almighty’s reward very soon; And i think this kind of business is never is lose;

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    I Liked Mine; « Aasim's Web Corner said:
    October 17, 2012 at 17:57

    […] Be humble, Always;  It nothing cost to you, but you gain too much; […]

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