Month: June 2012

Too much information (tmi)

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World is changing drastically; Every minute is loading pile of pages over the shelves of history; Tons of megabytes are uploading over data servers every minute in forms of blogs, research and multimedia contents; Geek friends are sharing dozen of articles over twitter on daily basis; Any well known event from a technology giant automatically reserve your 1 or two hour from daily routine, plus advance booking of your weekend’s leisure;

My itunes is showing me downloaded videos of WWDC12, some of them has been gone through, some are pending for weekend; iOS6 features and developer APIs are requiring my full attention as it directly linked to my core job; GoogleIO-12 has also some exciting announcements like new Android OS .i.e JellyBean, plus Chromebook and Nexus 7 tablet by Asus;

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Dry Leafs on Green Grass :: Cam Eye

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A sunny afternoon of mid May;
talk shalk with friends under tree;

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Green grass is evenly covered with dry leafs and trees at corner are increasing their count,
as constant stream of air waves their branches;

Location: Galib market park, adjecent HEC building, Gulberg-3 

You can find some of my photoshoots at in Cam Eye and Saunterer Soul;

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Katasraj Temple, Chakwal Pakistan;

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It was a bright sunny day of start of May, when we (our middle school fellows group) decided to explore the historical temples near chakwal district of Punjab; The weather was little hot but late spring breeze was moderating the environment; Partial cloudy sky was also making our hopes for a good afternoon;

By covering 270km distance via M2 moterway, we reached there at 1230h; The sun rays were struggling hard for making their way from clouds; As we all had very light breakfast, we decided to have a full tummy lunch first, from a good restaurant; Luckily, we found AFC (can’t recall the exact name) The environment and quality of meal simply bashed our reservations about that place, as it was far away from main city and we weren’t expecting such taste; After getting fresh and lunch (and some random group photoshoots outside the restaurent) our eyes start heading the temples of katas raj which were just hundred meter away;

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Background processing in iOS;

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Hello everyone;
Hope things are going good around you;

I’m working on an iOS application and facing an issue regarding network calls; Need your kind suggestions incase I’m not doing the thing in right way;

Scenario: I want to download one or more zip files from some urls; The files may have different sizes, ranges from 6MB to 150MB; I’m using ASIHTTPRequest at my network layer;

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