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Silent Confession

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I gaze into your eyes and I can see it all,
The sudden look in them is an alarming call

Your eyes say no words, yet my ears hear them shout,
They spell no language, yet my heart makes something out.

The affection your eyes reveals, so pure and unmistakable,
The confession in them, so abrupt and unpredictable.

This glorious moment is so majestic for one of all,
Said by everything when you’ve said nothing at all.

My life’s boat now floats only in your heart’s sea,
Immaculate love now we’ll share as long as eternity.

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With You ….

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When the sun shines over the world
And birds chirps whole new songs
When petals get fresh with drops of dew
I feel I’m blessed, when I’m with you

When grey clouds fills the sky
And its time to love, for gals and guys
I hold your hand and walk next to you
I feel I’m blessed, when I’m with you

When you’re in my arms, feeling my touch
And showing your care, affection too much
My lips over yours, giving love to you
I feel I’m blessed, when I’m with you

When waves touches us at seashore
Our eyes love each other;  so deep, so pure
When our footprints on sand has a long queue
I feel I’m blessed, when I’m with you

I’m waiting for you, to come to my life
All things will mend, no setbacks will arise
May all bliss, all delights be part of you
I feel I’m blessed, when I’m with you

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Without You ..

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I miss the look you give to me
I miss the smile you pass to me
I miss the moments you share with me
I miss the joy you bring to me

My dreams has no reality without you
My heart is so empty without you

So alone all the day,
Day another day without you.
So many things to share,
No one to say without you

You make me so comfort,
All things disturbed without you
You bring ease to me,
So many hurdles without you

Smile, laughter, cheers and joy,
How can I have, without you
Success, feat, goal and aims,
Nothing inclusive without you

My life looks so complete
So incomplete without you
I always dreamt for you,
I’m so lonely without you

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My Light;

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– one of my poem; kindly read and don’t forget to rate and leave a comment;-

i had a light;
i had a shine;
i owned as all that mine;

the light is what kept me going;
my heart beating, my blood flowing;
My nights had fantasy, my days were glowing;

my light was my sight,
in dark ages of despair, was my guide;
the only thing in life, i had a pride;

i knew too late, when the eyes were wet;
that the every light, every sun has to set;
i have put my head on rest;

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one of my poem. please comment.

Her first sight, first glance; was like a shock.
And I was still there, as statue, like a rock

The spiritual days with her, were much pleasant
Her accord was there; in thoughts, little bit talk

Her series of memories has a long chain
And I can recall them with any place of clock

But time has gone, like waves of shores
And I downstairs from past, with desperate walk

Today, there is no gay, even in a milky way
Thinking with grief; is it true, or was it mock?

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All One Have;

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one of my poem; kindly read and comment;



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We are hard workers;

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(The poem was composed in late 2005, during the lecture of philosophy in university class; Primarily dedicated to our group)

We take things simpler
And make them harder
We are hard workers

we start from scratch
and ends at crash
We are hard workers

We take problems obvious
And returns as ambiguous
We are hard workers

People Thinks beyond the knowledge
And we live behind the college
We are hard workers

We explore problems till depth
results in their death
We are hard workers