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Difference between Queen Nefertiti and Queen Nefertiri?

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From last two three days, I was noticing this question, circulating over Quora. So I decided to shed some light there.

This confusion is only due to resemblance of names. Nefertiti and Nefertari were different individuals that lived approximately 50 years apart.


The Chief Royal Wife of Akhenaten‘s full name was Nefer-neferuaten Nefertiti,  which means Beauty, or beautiful of Aten, The beautiful one, lived in the 18th Dynasty sometime between 1394 b.c. and  1340 b.c. Nefertiti is also known for a famous bust of her head, as show below.



The Chief Royal Wife of Ramses II‘s full name was Nefertari-Meri-Mut which means, The most beautiful of all the land, Beloved of Mut, and  lived sometime between 1292 b.c. and 1225 b.c.. Again these dates will vary.

Nefertari had a temple built for her at Abu Simbel. All four great statues at the entrance of this temple are of Ramses II, while Next to the legs of the colossi, there are other statues no higher than the knees of the pharaoh. These depict queen Nefertari.


Hieroglyph In Temple of Abydos

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For me, this is really a controversial piece of hieroglyph in the temple of Abydos. Some people (who claim that Egyptians had some contact with aliens) believe that this hieroglyph is real and in original form.

hieroglyph in the temple of Abydos
Some other says that the carving was altered by the successors of Ramses II (may be Merneptah). It was a common practice among Pharaohs of Egypt to destroy the symbols and glory of their forefathers, in order to showcase themselves. Example is Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir el Bahri, where statues and wall paintings were destroyed by her own son.
hieroglyph in the temple of Abydos2

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Who built the great pyramid of Giza?

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The Giza Plateau has three main pyramids. The pyramid of Menkaure, the pyramid of Khafre and the great pyramid of Khufu.

egypt-cairo-pyramids-of-giza-and camels-2

As per the today’s widely accepted assumptions, the pyramid of Menkaure was probably completed in the 26th century BC. Pyramid of Khafre was built during the reign of Khafre who ruled from 2558 to 2532 BC. The great pyramid of Khufu was built during 2580-2560 BC.

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Is Sphinx several millennia older than we think it to be?

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Many Egyptologist (including Dr. Zahi Hawas, former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs) insist that Sphinx was built nearly 4500BC, by the builder of 2nd pyramid of the Giza Plateau .i.e. the pyramid of Chephren (also read as Khafre, Khefren and Chephren).

But other researchers like John A. West and Robert Bauval (who first put forwarded the “Orion correlation theory”) believe that the both pyramids & Sphinx are much much older then Egypt civilization. Here I’m summarizing some extracts from their research paper where they are trying to prove that Sphinx is atleast 10 millennium BC old.

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Day 3 – Walking and Talking :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Tuesday, 10th July 2K12:

It was my first ever night in camp; Such feeling are very different when you open your eyes and recall yourself that you are not in your bed and room, but in a sleeping bag & camp at the height of 10,200 feet, ~3100 meters; It isn’t a pillow under your head, its your rucksacks full of cloths and other travel items;

06:00h. I woke up and looked outside the camp; A cool breeze with aroma of mountain flowers & trees welcomed me with open arms; I took my tooth brush and came out of the camp; It was indeed cold outside; With a deep breath I tried to absorb the freshness of morning, and it made me tremble with cold from inside; The second try was canceled instantly; The water in washbasin is enough to numb my fingers and face;

Team is crossing Hopper Glacier.

06:30h – 07:30h. Rizwan Yousuf is getting fresh and asking me to wakeup Asadullah and Butt sb; It was our first night of calm sleep after tiring travel of two days, so no one was ready to wakeup; Well one by one, we are getting fresh, and approaching to kitchen where hot omlate and parathas are waiting for us;

07:45h. We are packing our camps and sleeping bags; The sun is shining brightly with clear sky and we are hesitating whether we should put on our worm jackets or not? We have fixed our sticks, rucksacks are on our shoulders and shoes are tied; Its time to start our trek; Yes this is the moment we were waiting for;

08:00 – 09:00h.  We have left Hopper valley at back, and a long Hopper Glacier is in front of our eyes; It is full of mud, sharp rocks and stones, as you can see in above image; Seems it will take more than an hour to cross it; Read the rest of this entry »

Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore Pakistan;

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Once attributed as mole on the face of Lahore, this masjid is still unique in its kind;

Masjid Wazir khan is famous for its extensive faience tile work. Built in seven years, starting around 1634–1635 AD, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. It was built by Hakim Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, a native of Chiniot, who rose to be the court physician to Shah Jahan and a governor of Lahore. (from wikipedia)

I have a visit of this masjid last month, and was just stunned when I saw its design and artwork; For me its far more beautiful then the Badshahi masjid of Lahore; You can see my photo shot of this masjid here;

Have you visited this place before? Please share your experience in comments;

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Day 2 – Innocent Smiles :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Shalter Peak and Potato fields of Hoper village. Nagar Valley

Its day 2, Monday 9th of July 2k12; We are on our way towards Hunza from Rawalpindi via NATCO bus service; Last night we crossed Besham and its surrounding  areas; Still we had 9 hours of travel left;

01:00h – 06:00h. Whole night passed in failed attempts to sleep; No footrests means no rest; Sometimes shoulder of your neighbor gives you some moment of relax, or sometimes rest at back let you pass some span of time in semi-sleep condition; Overall a very tiring night; The local music from speakers on driver’s choice is also enough to make you cry silently; (:

07:30h. Bus has a stay at Chilas; It is a small town located on the left side of Indus river.  It is a part of the Silk Road connected by the Karakoram Highway. This is a breakfast time and half fri eggs, layerd parathas and cup of hot tea looks like a meal from heavens; After having tummy full breakfast, we restarted our travel in 30 miniut;

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