SharePoint remove commas from number fields

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via SharePoint remove commas from number fields


In some instances you don’t want number fields to display with comma’s in SharePoint views. Unfortunately there is no setting to not display comma’s on number fields.

Use Calculated field to remove comma’s from number field

For this example I’m going to display a number column (Alias) in a calculated field (Alias Calculated).
Create a calculated field, and for the


**Do not copy and try to paste this formula, type it in your calculated field and make sure to use the Insert Column option.

2. Type in the following formula:

Then double click on your number field in the Insert Column box

then type:

Your formula should display something like this: =text([Alias],”0″)

Choose a number field, with 0 decimal places and click OK.


This should display your number column without the commas while retaining the benefits of using a number field (field validation & sorting):

*If you save the number as in the Text format type, sorting will not work correctly.


How I passed my exam 70-778 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI

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When I passed my Power BI exam and shared my badge on LinkedIn I received hundreds of likes and numerous comments with views crossing 90,000 (still counting!). This shows immense interest in passing this exam which is sometimes difficult for those who are new in BI arena.

In order to help Power BI community I decided to pen down my journey to help other test takers follow similar path to achieve certification.

My First Attempt was unsuccessful

This is to be noted that I passed this exam in my second attempt. I am sharing this because this is not unusual for a person to fail in first attempt. I myself after having plenty of experience in Power BI failed to pass this exam and scored around 665 when passing score was 700. This has given me lot of hope that if I fine tune my knowledge then I will be…

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What do you think of these Egyptian hieroglyphics?

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Answer by Aasim Naseem Siddiqui:

Well .. this is really a controversial piece of hieroglyph in the temple of
Abydos. Some people (who claim that Egyptians had some contact with aliens) believe that this hieroglyph is real and in original form.

Some other says that the carving was altered by the successors of Ramses II (may be Merneptah). It was a common practice among Pharaohs of Egypt to destroy the symbols and glory of their forefathers, in order to showcase themselves. Example is Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir el Bahri, where statues and wall paintings were destroyed by her own son.

The temple of Abydos was build by Seti-I and finished by his son Ramses II, greatest of all Pharaohs. So it is natural that his successors tried to erase the trans of RamsesII from the mind of common people, and brought their own image at front.

My personal believes are, even if the hieroglyph were re-carved, the exact resemblance of modern tools/weapons in more then five different shapes leaves too many questions to explore. Merely saying it is a result of re-carving doesn't justify the situation. There is lot more to explore.

What do you think of these Egyptian hieroglyphics?

First Edition of LAFZ Magazine.

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Alhumdulillah first printed edition of LAFZ magazine is out now. We worked really hard to make this moment possible today. Whole team, specially Yaseer Ali Choudhar (@yac_ali on Twitter) deserves big claps.

My article also made his place in this edition. This is about empress Nur Jahan of the Mughal Empire (1577 – 1645).

You can find my other articles in LAFZ magazine about

Stay blessed …

How to record Audio in iOS Application;

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Hello dev mate;XcodeLogo
Hope you had a good weekend and refreshing Monday;

Today we’ll learn how to record audio in iOS application; Now a days, I’m working on an application where I need to record voice of user for some processing; I tried some framework classes from iOS sdk in a test project and here are my findings;

So lets start;

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Newsstand issue with AppStore build;

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Last evening, I was trying to submit my applicaiton over app store and got following error regarding Newsstand; I’m using  Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Xcode Version 4.2 (Build 4C199) having iOS 5.0;

To include newsstand features, the info.plist must include the uinewsstandapp=true

Although I don’t use newsstand and i don’t want to use. So where was my mistake?
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