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Master of the Game :: Book Review

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copy of novel i have.

i have been planning to write about this novel from many days but couldn’t find enough time; Though i post many other things during that but whenever i tried to focus this book, what happen next? i open it from some random place and start reading again; The most interestingly it took me nearly two years to finish it first time; I read it in many sittings, with very slow pace; But once its done, revised many times. One of two novels i really liked. One is The Alchemist and other is Master of the Game.

Master of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, first published in 1982; Spanning six generations in the lives of the fictional MacGregor/Blackwell family;  It starts from Kate Blackwell’s ninetieth birthday celebrations in 1982 and then we move in past, back to a century;

The best thing i found in this novel, and infact all other work of sidny, is that the story move at a constant and fast pace. No long complicated dialogs, after every few pages you find a turn that put you more inside the novel;  Same in Master Of the Game, Sidny covers lives of six generations in such a way that at every step the curiosity to get to know the next turn increases. I’m sorry i can’t give references from story because its all worth to read; Don’t want to lessen the charm of the story.

the date when i had this novel; next two images shows start and end of the novel; in between we pass 6 generations; click to enlarge.

In first term, the end wasn’t as per my expectations; Infact in reality i was lil disappointed. I was expecting some big turn from sidney’s unique style of story weaving .i.e. making unpredicted things to happen in jaw dropping fashion.  But after 2 3 revisions it start looking exactly same as it should be; What it was i’m not going to tell, you must read it till end and i’m sure if you start once you will not give it too much time to end.

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Book Review :: Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

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Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion is book having 400+ Java/J2EE Interview questions with clear and concise answers for: job seekers (junior/senior developers, architects, team/technical leads), promotion seekers, pro-activelearners and interviewers. Free download Lulu top 100 best seller. Increase your earning potential by learning, applying and succeeding. Learn the fundamentals relating to Java/J2EE in an easy to understand questions and answers approach. Covers 400+ popular interview Q&A with lots of diagrams, examples, code snippets, cross referencing and comparisons. This is not only an interview guide but also a quick reference guide, a refresher material and a roadmap covering a wide range of Java/J2EE related topics.

In a glance

  • In its own ethics this is a very unique book.
  • Though there are tons of internet sites listing the j2ee interview questions, the author of this book has taken great effort and care to list the questions and answers.
  • The book leaves no topics un-turned. Gives very clear and short explanations for every topic and questions and goes through in-detail if needed.
  • The answers were followed by neat images if necessary, which many other site/book doesn’t.
  • This book will certainly help both the interview host and attendee.
  • I liked the chapters related to Design patterns, WebSerivces and Testing, which you may not find other books/sites.
  • Very well organized for quick interview preparation as well.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each piece of j2ee are discussed.
  • Section 3 of this book “how would you go about…” is very well written and each question were the real ones that you will come across in technical interview.
  • Reading this book will sure give you confidence for answering the questions that were not covered in this book for brevity reasons.
  • A best bet for preparing j2ee technical interview and its worth buying.

I have upload this book to my ftp … you can download it from here.
or direct link is

Get knowledge and spread …

Have a nice day

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Book Review :: The Power of Social Intelligence by Tony Buzan

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Hello All. Hope you are fine by grace of Allah Almighty.

Here is the first review of a book from my shelf. There were three books on my desk and was thinking which one should select for first review. There were 2 novels and third one was  “The Power of Social Intelligence. by Tony Buzan” and then finally i decided to select this. Again, i’m not a regular writer, so for any grammatical and other mistakes, my advance sorry is here. I love to write, so i’m writing …

Why this book

“Men is a social animal” we are listening and reading this line from our childhood. People explain this as we live in community, we live in groups, so its naturally that we have to interact with people around us.  Either we wish or not, we have to communicate or in other words we have to be social. Ok, thats fine, i do agree that we need to communicate, interact and have to be social to live in our society, group or community. But how?? How should we interact with each other among a group? How to make sure an effective communication (either verbally or via your gestures) between you and your audience?  The phrase “Man is social animal” tells us who we are, what should we do as part of a community, but How To Do!!! it doesn’t tell. For this, Tony Buzan give us answer of all such quries in his book “The Power of Social Intelligence”

About the Book

Full name of this book is  “The Power of Social Intelligence: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Social Genius.” The copy i have is in small size as u can see in image too.  The book has 10 chapters as fellows

click to enlarge

By developing your Social Intelligence you can understand and appreciate everyone you meet; what motivates them, what their personal needs are, and how you can make them comfortable and pleased to be with you. With four colour maps and lively text, this book shows you how to improve every aspect of your social skills, both in relationships and at work, become more confident, have a more active and successful social life, become a better communicator and a a fearless public speaker, improve every aspect of your social skills, in relationships and at work.

About Author

Tony Buzan (2 June, 1942 – present) is an author and educational consultant. He is a proponent of the techniques of Mind Mapping and mental literacy. He claims to have worked with “corporate entities and businesses all over the world; academics; Olympic athletes; children of all ages; governments; and high profile individuals, in teaching them how to maximize the use of their brain power.”

Buzan was born in Palmers Green, Enfield, Middlesex, is an alumnus of Kitsilano Secondary School where he was Head Boys Prefect 1959-60. He is probably best known for his book, Use Your Head, his promotion of mnemonic systems and his Mind Mapping techniques. He launched his own software program to support Mind Mapping called iMindMap in December 2006. His website, Buzan World, cites trademarks on the phrase ‘Mind Maps’ which he has registered in many countries.

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