A shift towards Flickr

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So I have finally moved to #Flickr, for all my photography stuff. It was no doubt a long journey with #Picasa but after much consideration I finally vote for Flickr. Leaving Picasa was a sad moment as I always prefer to use #Google products (all solutions in one box) but due to some constraints Picasa wasn’t fitting with my needs.

The main reason was storage capacity. After having Canon EOS 100D as my professional camera, the need of more storage was inevitable. 1 terabyte of Flickr vs 15GB of Picasa is a huge difference, and this thing gave me really a breath of relax. As advertised over Flicker home page,  1 terabyte = 537,731 6.5 megapixel photos, and even if I chose high resolution photos of my cam .i.e. nearly 13 to 14mb per photo, even then there are 218,453 photos with 16.0 megapixel that I can upload over 1TB of free space. Waoooo … incredible.

You can find some of my click at … though they need to organize a bit more right now.

One interesting things is, I’m still using Picasa desktop tool to organize and edit all of my photos. There isn’t any match of Picasa desktop tool with any other photo organizer+editor. Here Picasa takes the stage.

Don’t you think that editing and organizing them in Picasa and uploading them over Flickr is something injustice with Google!!! ((:

Sometimes, I feel like this.

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My Google Account Has Blocked;

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Today was started with a bad news; Google has blocked my account by saying I’m not following the Term Of Services and application specific policies; They even din’t precisely point out which policy I’m violating, and they are asking me to read all product’s usage policies one by one;

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Google Acquires eBook Technologies

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Google has just acquired eBook Technologies, according to a notice that is currently appearing on the company’s homepage.

Google confirmed the acquisition, with a spokesperson giving us this statement:

“We are happy to welcome eBook Technologies’ team to Google. Together, we hope to deliver richer reading experiences on tablets, electronic readers and other portable devices.

And this notice can be found at eBook Technologies web site;

eBook Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Google. Working together with Google will further our commitment to providing a first-class reading experience on emerging tablets, e-readers and other portable devices.

In my personal view, it seems to me that google is jumping into eBook reading device race; After a successful product of Kindle by Amazon, Google now going to introduce something in this area; The iPad from Apple is a big giant in this race; Let see what google is trying by acquiring this firm;


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Make cheap phone calls through Google

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Australians have been able to make free phone calls to landlines and mobiles using a new Google Gmail feature that launched this week for US and Canadian users.
Australians who have their Gmail language set to “English US” are able to use the Google Voice plug-in for Gmail to make calls using the microphone on their computer. The service throws down a significant challenge to Skype and traditional phone service operators.
Calls and texts to US and Canadian numbers were meant to be free with very low rates for calls to phones in other countries, but, in a loophole, Australians using the feature have been able to use the service to call Australian numbers for free. They were not charged the per-minute rate of $US0.04 and $US0.14 for landline and mobile calls, respectively.
Google announced today that over one million calls were placed using Gmail’s free calling service in its first 24 hours.
The company was unable to explain why Australians were able to make calls for free but a spokeswoman confirmed that “Aussies who have their Gmail language set to English US will see that the feature is available to them too”.
However, the spokeswoman said only outgoing calls would work for Australians as incoming calls required the Google Voice application, which has not yet been made available to Australians. In the US, people who obtain a free phone number from Google can receive calls on their PC.
Outgoing calls can only be made via Gmail on users’ computers as a version for mobile phones has not yet been released.
Analysts said the service would likely be a bigger competitive threat to services like Skype’s than to traditional phone companies, which have already been cutting their call prices in recent years in response to stiff competition.
Skype, Google and many other services have been offering free computer-to-computer calling for years, but now Google is taking on Skype in computer-to-phone calling.
“This is a risk to Skype. It’s a competitor with a pretty good brand name,” said Hudson Square analyst Todd Rethemeier.
“Calling is so cheap already that I don’t think it will attract a huge amount of domestic calling. It could take some of the international market,” he said.
Another analyst, Steve Clement from Pacific Crest, said that anybody who is tempted by internet calling services has likely already disconnected their home phone.
“The type of person who would use a service like that isn’t the type of customer who still has a landline,” Clement said.

Google said making a call through its service works like a normal phone in that a user could click on the “call phone” option in their chat buddy list in Gmail and type in the number or enter a contact’s name.
The service is likely to significantly increase the popularity of Gmail, which is trailing Microsoft and Yahoo in the free online email stakes.

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A new look for Gmail

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Google has redesign his main interface for Gmail, and has finally got a new contact manager, which is 100 times better than the earlier one. The new contact manager is fast and easier to use, and is definitely a welcome change to one of the best email services available online today.

The new contacts manager has a more prominent link as seen in the first screenshot above and will also work pretty much like Gmail works, fast. The new contacts manager now supports Keyboard shortcuts, sorting by name, custom labels for contact fields, ability to undo changes you made and automatic saving just like Gmail compose among other things.

In addition to the contact manager changes, Gmail also sports links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks in the top left and displays a Compose mail button instead of a text. There is also some screen estate recovery thanks to the reduction in the header area. However, Google has also made it a bit painful to select messages by removing the links and putting it into a dropdown.

Overall these changes are pretty good and make Gmail the best free email service out there. The new changes to the Gmail contact manager and overall email layout will be rolled out to all users in a phased manner.

Concisely, Gmail Team has done following changes …

  • Mail, Contacts, and Tasks links have moved to the top left of Gmail.
  • Compose mail is now a button rather than a link.
  • A smaller header area puts the first message in your inbox about 16 pixels higher on the screen.
  • The Select AllNoneReadUnread, and Starred links that used to be above your messages are now options in a drop-down menu, next to theArchive button.

Updates to Contacts
They have also done a major overhaul to Contacts, adding a bunch of features people requested and making Contacts easier to use.

  • Contacts work a lot more like Mail. Keyboard shortcuts now work in Contacts too, and  made selecting and grouping contacts more like selecting and labeling email.
  • Sort contacts by last name. Look under More actions for this option.
  • Use custom labels for phone numbers and other fields. For example, you can label a phone number as “Vacation home.” Please be aware, ActiveSync for iPhone and Blackberry Sync don’t yet support custom labels so custom labeled numbers/emails/etc. may not appear on your phone.
  • Undo. Now, when you make changes to your contacts, you can undo your recent changes.
  • Automatic saving. You no longer need to worry about “edit” mode or “view” mode — just edit away and Gmail will save your changes.
  • Structured name fields. You can now set name components (i.e. Title, First, Middle, Last and Suffix) explicitly or continue to use the name field as a free form area if you prefer a less structured approach.
  • Manual and bulk contact merge. You can now merge contacts from the More actions menu. Just select the contacts you’d like to merge and select Merge contacts from under the More actions menu. Or, to get a list of suggestions for contacts to merge, select Find and merge duplicates.

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Developing Android Applications with Java.

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Use your Java skills to build mobile applications for the exciting new Android platform. In this dynamic 5-week online course, you’ll get up to speed on the basics of Android development, while building a working app from concept to completion. Learn how to develop mobile apps using Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK.

Course Schedule

Course Dates: Tuesdays, February 9 – March 16, 2010
Time: 11am Pacific (Seattle) [Other Time Zones]
Duration: 90-120 Minutes
Cost: The LIVE event is FREE to attend! » Course Outline…

Google Goggles

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Text based search is the most prominent search available on the Internet these days. Most search engines, with the exception of a few specialized ones, require text input to be able to crawl their databases for hits on the topic.

Google Goggles is a new application for the Android operating system that allows the user to perform searches by submitting photos or images. That’s an interesting concept in a handful of situations. Say you are a tourist and want to know more about a building that you spotted. Maybe you even know the name of the building but not in your own language.

Other applications include identifying artwork, looking up items like books or wine and scanning contact information on business cards to find out more about the contact.

A picture is worth a thousand words. No need to type your search anymore. Just take a picture. Find out what businesses are nearby.Just point your phone at a store. This is just the beginning – it’s not quite perfect yet.Works well for some things, but not for all. Your pictures, your control.Turn on ‘visual search history’ to view or share your pictures at any time. Turn it off to discard them once the search is done.