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My Next Article in LAFZ Magazine;

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5th issue of LAFZ online magazine by LAFZ media has been published; Alhamdulillah my article also made its place in history section; This time, it was about Razia Sultan, the Sultan of Delhi, India (1236 – 1240). You can find it at LAFZ Magazine, Page 3 & Page 80;

My another article on Empress Mehr-un-Nisaa (Nur Jahan) can be found in Issue3 of LAFZ Magazine, Page 136;

Article on Zēb-un-Nisā Makhfī was featured in Issue2 of LAFZ Magazine, Page 76.

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My Article in LAFZ Magazine;

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This evening poped up an email in my inbox, from the editor of LAFZ media about the next issue of LAFZ magazine; I hurriedly clicked the link and found my article featured from pages 136 to 141; A feel of relax and relief made a content smile over my face, and it lasts until I re read it once;  Alhamdulillah, my second article on history made his place in magazine; Thanks to founder of LAFZ project Yasser Ali who widen his circle and added me to his team;

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Islamic Art :: Book Review

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A distinguish importance has been attributed with this book that really differentiate it with rest of its peers on the shelfs; This book is a gift from LAFZ media for my first article in their online magazine; Considering my keen interest in muslim history, especially in Mugal architecture, the editor of LAFZ, Mr. Yasser Chaudhary chose this book for me and let me say honestly, it really really content my thrust in various ways;  I’m really grateful to LAFZ media; Read the rest of this entry »