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Feham-ul-Quran :: Book Review;

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Among many other books those I had from annual book fair at Punjab university this year, the title of this book really catched my attention; It claims to teach translation of Quran with some common symbols and selective verses from different chapters;

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The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan :: New Arrival at my bookshelf

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Few days back, a new book has become a part of my small library with title The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan;

“Is the Pakistani an Arab? Or an Indian? Or something of both? Or neither? Are his origins entirely central Asian? What influence has he imbibed from Persia? How is he different from the Europeans who ruled him for almost one hundred years? Does he have a distinct personality or culture of his own? If so, for how long has he had this distinctiveness? Was it first created by the Partition of the sub-continent in August 1947, or did it pre-exist the Partition of 1947?’ These are the questions with which Aitzaz Ahsan starts his book titled, ‘The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan.

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New Arrival :: My Bookshelf

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Two new books in my bookshelf; Added on 22nd Jan, 2k11; This morning (infact last day morning) I went to anarkali Lahore; It was a bright sunny day; In start of bazar there are many stalls for books and magazine; Daniele Steel was placed at a prominent place so i picked two from his work randomly; Lets see hows they go on

I’m new to Danielle Steel so in start i got The Ghost and Loving; Don’t know her writing style and the themes of these two novels; I usually read  a author in row, like 4 ,5 books one by one to keep the continuity of one’s style; Before that i done with Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook and Catherine Coulter; So where Danielle stands i will stare with you after reading them; Right now sidney is at top due to its simplicity in words but unpredictness in story weaving;


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Book Review :: The Power of Social Intelligence by Tony Buzan

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Hello All. Hope you are fine by grace of Allah Almighty.

Here is the first review of a book from my shelf. There were three books on my desk and was thinking which one should select for first review. There were 2 novels and third one was  “The Power of Social Intelligence. by Tony Buzan” and then finally i decided to select this. Again, i’m not a regular writer, so for any grammatical and other mistakes, my advance sorry is here. I love to write, so i’m writing …

Why this book

“Men is a social animal” we are listening and reading this line from our childhood. People explain this as we live in community, we live in groups, so its naturally that we have to interact with people around us.  Either we wish or not, we have to communicate or in other words we have to be social. Ok, thats fine, i do agree that we need to communicate, interact and have to be social to live in our society, group or community. But how?? How should we interact with each other among a group? How to make sure an effective communication (either verbally or via your gestures) between you and your audience?  The phrase “Man is social animal” tells us who we are, what should we do as part of a community, but How To Do!!! it doesn’t tell. For this, Tony Buzan give us answer of all such quries in his book “The Power of Social Intelligence”

About the Book

Full name of this book is  “The Power of Social Intelligence: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Social Genius.” The copy i have is in small size as u can see in image too.  The book has 10 chapters as fellows

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By developing your Social Intelligence you can understand and appreciate everyone you meet; what motivates them, what their personal needs are, and how you can make them comfortable and pleased to be with you. With four colour maps and lively text, this book shows you how to improve every aspect of your social skills, both in relationships and at work, become more confident, have a more active and successful social life, become a better communicator and a a fearless public speaker, improve every aspect of your social skills, in relationships and at work.

About Author

Tony Buzan (2 June, 1942 – present) is an author and educational consultant. He is a proponent of the techniques of Mind Mapping and mental literacy. He claims to have worked with “corporate entities and businesses all over the world; academics; Olympic athletes; children of all ages; governments; and high profile individuals, in teaching them how to maximize the use of their brain power.”

Buzan was born in Palmers Green, Enfield, Middlesex, is an alumnus of Kitsilano Secondary School where he was Head Boys Prefect 1959-60. He is probably best known for his book, Use Your Head, his promotion of mnemonic systems and his Mind Mapping techniques. He launched his own software program to support Mind Mapping called iMindMap in December 2006. His website, Buzan World, cites trademarks on the phrase ‘Mind Maps’ which he has registered in many countries.

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My Library

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Hello all. I hope you all are doing well in all aspects of your life.

Today I’m going to start new thread of posts here. Infact a new category in which I will introduce to you with different books I read in my leisure. They could be on different topics; it could be a navel of any author, a poetic work by some poet or any script related to history etc. This portion of my web corner will be for those who are really book lovers and always in seek of good work by some authors. I’m sure you will like these posts and help me via your comments/critics/suggestion to improve it.

You too are warmly welcome to participate here, you can send me your reviews about a book you read recently, or can recommend me title so that I can read and give my comments/review.

Have a good time

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