Nagar valley

Day 3 – Walking and Talking :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Tuesday, 10th July 2K12:

It was my first ever night in camp; Such feeling are very different when you open your eyes and recall yourself that you are not in your bed and room, but in a sleeping bag & camp at the height of 10,200 feet, ~3100 meters; It isn’t a pillow under your head, its your rucksacks full of cloths and other travel items;

06:00h. I woke up and looked outside the camp; A cool breeze with aroma of mountain flowers & trees welcomed me with open arms; I took my tooth brush and came out of the camp; It was indeed cold outside; With a deep breath I tried to absorb the freshness of morning, and it made me tremble with cold from inside; The second try was canceled instantly; The water in washbasin is enough to numb my fingers and face;

Team is crossing Hopper Glacier.

06:30h – 07:30h. Rizwan Yousuf is getting fresh and asking me to wakeup Asadullah and Butt sb; It was our first night of calm sleep after tiring travel of two days, so no one was ready to wakeup; Well one by one, we are getting fresh, and approaching to kitchen where hot omlate and parathas are waiting for us;

07:45h. We are packing our camps and sleeping bags; The sun is shining brightly with clear sky and we are hesitating whether we should put on our worm jackets or not? We have fixed our sticks, rucksacks are on our shoulders and shoes are tied; Its time to start our trek; Yes this is the moment we were waiting for;

08:00 – 09:00h.  We have left Hopper valley at back, and a long Hopper Glacier is in front of our eyes; It is full of mud, sharp rocks and stones, as you can see in above image; Seems it will take more than an hour to cross it; Read the rest of this entry »


Day 2 – Innocent Smiles :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Shalter Peak and Potato fields of Hoper village. Nagar Valley

Its day 2, Monday 9th of July 2k12; We are on our way towards Hunza from Rawalpindi via NATCO bus service; Last night we crossed Besham and its surrounding  areas; Still we had 9 hours of travel left;

01:00h – 06:00h. Whole night passed in failed attempts to sleep; No footrests means no rest; Sometimes shoulder of your neighbor gives you some moment of relax, or sometimes rest at back let you pass some span of time in semi-sleep condition; Overall a very tiring night; The local music from speakers on driver’s choice is also enough to make you cry silently; (:

07:30h. Bus has a stay at Chilas; It is a small town located on the left side of Indus river.  It is a part of the Silk Road connected by the Karakoram Highway. This is a breakfast time and half fri eggs, layerd parathas and cup of hot tea looks like a meal from heavens; After having tummy full breakfast, we restarted our travel in 30 miniut;

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Day 1 – Surprises :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Finally its Sunday, 8th of July 2k12; The day when we are going leave our homes for trek; At first we’ll reach Rawalpindi and then to Hunza via NATCO bus service;

04:30h. I Left home to reach Bilal daweo terminal; The streets are deserted and silent; There are few dogs roaming here and there who start barking at me; Might be they are thinking me as bagger due to my big rucksacks at back; Though I’m in neat appearance and clothing, believe me; 😥

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Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

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Hello All;
Hope things are exciting around you;

Last week I had a trek to Rush Lake, near Nagar valley Pakistan; It is a high altitude lake located near Rush Pari Peak (5,098 m). At over 4,694 meters, Rush is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world; We had 5 days trek and that was absolutely great experience;

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