“Redundant Binary Upload” Issue on iTunesConnect

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Hey Devs

If you are having following issue on new interface of iTunesConnect

“Redundant Binary Upload. There already exists a binary upload with build version ‘1.0’ for train ‘1.0’”

then you are not alone like forever alone guy. Like me and you, many others are facing this issue. But no worries, the solution is pretty simple.

More than one binary may be uploaded to iTunesConnect if the the Build number (Select the Target, then Xcode -> General -> Build, see the picture below) is increased by adding .1, i.e. if the version is 3.75, then increase it to: 3.75.1, but the Version is still `3.75 for the App (also in iTunesConnect). The build number just has to be unique for each binary that is loaded up to iTunesConnect.


After a new binary is uploaded and processed (~ 10 min), then you can select the new binary and submit it for review. In the picture below you may see the old and the new binary listed in iTunesConnect in the Build section of the current App version (you click the plus sign). Then the new binary is selected -> Saved -> Submit for Review. (Sometimes an error comes when submitting, then just try after a few mins or upload a new binary).

For those inclined to do this automatically with an Xcode script, here is a description of making an automatic script for updating Build numbers Better way of incrementing build number?

Note: The content of this post is extracted from this question over stakeoverflow.

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Local history/revision of files in Xcode

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Hello friends ..extra-xcode

hope things are going good on your desk ..

Last night I was going through my tweets, and there I found something really interesting; I crawled it for few minutes and after reading some blog posts I came to know about a very useful but hidden feature that I always miss in Xcode .i.e. local history/revision of your code files; (What!! what did you say!!! Say again … ) Read the rest of this entry »

How to record Audio in iOS Application;

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Hello dev mate;XcodeLogo
Hope you had a good weekend and refreshing Monday;

Today we’ll learn how to record audio in iOS application; Now a days, I’m working on an application where I need to record voice of user for some processing; I tried some framework classes from iOS sdk in a test project and here are my findings;

So lets start;

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Tribute to C Language;

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As a tribute to my first programing language C I have changed the color scheme of my Xcode to blue screen theme;

And I’m just loving writing code here; Its recalled me my early programing days when we really get stuck how to run a loop or write a switch cases; (: (:

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Integrate AdMob in iOS Application;

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Hello Everyone;
Hope winters are going good around you;

Today’s menu is again simple and short; We’ll learn how to integrate AdMob in an iOS application. I will show you the easiest way to integrate AdMob in the application. So lets start;

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EmailSend Application in iPhone

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Hello Everyone, hope all is good around you;

Here is my another tutorial for iOS application; I’m composing a series of tutorial on different topics; You can find rest of the post under N-FAQ and iOS category;

So here w go; In this application we will see how to Email Send in iPhone. So let see how it will worked.

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How to show URL in UIWebView in iPhone/iPad/iPod :: N-FAQ

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Below is a small code to display contents over UIWebView

Assuming that you have declared a UIWebView in your header file; In my case it is detailWebView.

NSString* str = @”http://www.yahoo.com”;

NSURL* url = [NSURL URLWithString:str];

[self.detailWebView loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]];

Thats it; Keeping user interaction and multi-touch options checked in xib file will allow user to play with web page;

stay blessed;

share every bit of new thing you learn;

This post belongs to N-FAQ category where i post anything i learn new during my work; N-FAQ is basically Not-FAQ;

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